AUTHOR’S NOTES: This was an early effort for me and, looking back, I have some misgivings about the ending I chose. However, it continues to hit my kinks pretty solidly and I am quite fond of it, overall. Feedback is dearly appreciated.

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Clark arched up violently, straining ineffectually against the heavy leather cuffs and steel chains that bound his hands and feet. Restraints that shouldn’t have been sufficient to contain him; wouldn’t have been close to sufficient without the sickening green glow of meteorites casting an aquatic shimmer through the dank and dreary room. He fought to draw breath, struggling against air of such weight and texture that it might as well have been water.

He lay stripped bare, naked skin glistening with the tangy sweat of his efforts, the long, golden body quivering from his battle before muscle control fled completely and heavy limbs fell limply to the table on which he’d been secured.

Waited then for Lex to retreat from the shadows.

<< “A dungeon, Lex? This is so cool.”

My father’s to blame, of course. One day I’ll thank him for his foresight.” >>

Lex watched in silence as Clark weakened more from minute to minute – the scientist in him on auto-pilot, mentally cataloguing Clark’s responses to the stimulus. But he wasn’t paying much attention at all to the scientist in him. This moment wasn’t about Clark the Alien. This moment was about having Clark the way he’d always wanted him. Owning Clark.

<< “You shouldn’t have lied to me. It didn’t have to be this way.” >>

And Lex had known this moment would be unlike… anything. Ever. He’d known that, but still hadn’t been prepared for the reality of the beautiful boy – so fucking beautiful – spread wide and waiting and at his disposal.

Both boys’ cocks were hard and aching. Clark’s obvious and humiliating; Lex’s not at all unexpected. Shameful – and somehow better for that – in his infinite power over the long-time object of obsessive desire.

<< “Lex, please… I swear I wanted to tell you the truth. God, I’m so sorry.”

Oh, I don’t doubt you are.” >>

Pain dazed eyes struggled to meet and hold his own as Lex finally moved to the steel monstrosity upon which Clark’s splayed body rested – a modern representation of the medieval rack that must once have occupied the bowels of the behemoth castle. He smoothed damp curls from the boy’s flushed face and stared intently into hazel eyes.

Clark moaned under the stroking and, satisfied he was lucid and responsive, Lex allowed himself a closer inspection of his prize. Cool fingers gently traced sweat slickened features – firm pad of thumb across finely a drawn brow, brushing a thick fringe of lash when Clark’s eyes fluttered closed; the back of his fingers marking a hollowed cheek. Slate eyes unreadable, compelling in their dispassionate regard even as he rubbed his thumb over a lush red-ripe mouth.

Clark swallowed hard against the saliva pooling in the back of his throat, the muscles there reluctant to obey. He didn’t protest the inevitable push of fingers into his mouth when they came, penetrating him. He tasted Lex in the suggestive slide – in and out of his mouth, over his tongue. When those fingers paused at the threshold of his mouth, heavy on his lower lip, his tongue darted out to skim quickly over the immaculate edge of manicured nails.

Lex’s eyes dilated in response to the invitation, his breathing instantly as laboured as Clark’s.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Clark.”

Clark whimpered and bucked against his restraints; trembled beneath the hard, sure stroke of Lex’s palm across the deeply muscled chest.

Lex savored the strangled moan Clark choked off when he bent down to suck and tease the flesh of one dusky nipple between sharp teeth while he twisted and pulled at the other – hard enough to bruise, but there was no need for care. Hard enough to make the boy writhe under his mouth and hands, and the sounds he was making – like no drug Lex had ever had tasted, and he’d sampled them all. The purest addiction.

Lex straightened and tugged at his belt with one hand while the other claimed more of the satiny flesh, hard muscle and bone – mapping down lean ribs and rippled abdominals to close tight around Clark’s rigid erection, the delicate skin scorching in his hand. Heady, soft whining from the back of Clark’s throat, and Lex was already a junkie.

Beg me to fuck you, Clark. We both know you want it… don’t dare deny it. I won’t listen to another filthy lie from that sweet mouth of yours. I’ll gag you first.” Lex’s pants whispered to the floor and were kicked away, one hand moving to work his shirt buttons free while he jacked Clark torturously slow with the other.

Please, Lex.”

“Please what? Please release you? Please believe you’re my friend? Please believe your alien mind has any better comprehension of the concept than I do? You have to be more specific than just ‘please,’ Clark.”

“Please fuck me.” Clark twisted under a punishing squeeze to his cock.

“All these months you’ve made me feel inadequate – unworthy of your friendship. It was nothing but a game to you, was it?”

“No! No, it wasn’t a game, I swear. I couldn’t tell you – ”

“You could have told me. We both know you could have. You chose not to. Now you want me to fuck you.”

“Please, Lex. I’m sorry. I love you, I do. I just… I need you. Fuck me, Lex, please. Please.”

“It’s ironic, Clark. You’re a consummate liar, and I never gave you credit.”

Tears puddled in pleading eyes, and Lex leaned in to lap the first salty drops that fell from Clark’s temple. His hoarse whisper drew a shudder from Clark’s supine form. “Even your tears taste sweet, Clark.”

Lex shed the rest of his clothing quickly, matter-of-factly draping it over the low adjacent instrument table upon which the non-descript lead box sat open, spilling deadly truth into the room. He climbed onto the cold lab table and stretched out over Clark’s fevered body. Fisted his hands in thick, dark hair and took Clark’s mouth, fucked it with a hungry, insistent tongue.

Clark groaned into his mouth as hard cocks brushed; gasped for breath when Lex turned his attention to the sensitive skin of his throat, tasting him with long broad sweeps of tongue and sharp teeth.

Lex searched blindly for the lube under his discarded clothes, slicked his fingers and pulled back to watch Clark greedily as he cupped and squeezed the boy before moving determinedly on.

Clark’s head thrashed as he pushed two fingers in deep, thumb pressing into the soft skin behind his balls. Eyes shut tight, lips parted and panting hard, pink tongue peeking out to wet that mouth Lex couldn’t get enough of.

“So fucking beautiful… wanted you like this since I saw you on the cross.” Three fingers thrusting hard and fast into silky heat. Hot, tight alien ass, and he needed to be there already. Wanted everything that was exposed once the secrets and lies were stripped away.


Lex sat back on his heels and barely slicked his cock – they’d both feel this – and reached back to release Clark’s legs. Slack now, they jerked weakly when Lex lifted them over his shoulders.

The head of his cock nudged Clark, poised at his entrance while Lex claimed his mouth in another bruising kiss, staring down into Clark’s wide, accepting eyes.

“You’re mine now, Clark. Completely.”

“Yes, Lex. Please.”

A sharp thrust and Lex was burning a path into Clark’s yielding flesh. There was no need to wait for the body heaving beneath him to ease from the violence of his entry; he drove in again and again, rhythm rough and uneven with the instinct to mark Clark his overriding all else. Each deep thrust tore pained, ecstatic cries from both, echoing off cold stone walls.

Hard, frantic bodies slid against each other, Clark rising to meet each stroke with every ounce of his diminished strength, Lex’s harsh breathing rasping in his ear.

Forever, Clark.”

Lex!” Hot come spattered Lex’s abdomen and chest, driving him deeper, harder into the heat – faster over the precipice, until he was free falling into the mindless void of his own release.

Lex collapsed numb and spent on top of the sweaty, trembling boy; lay there for a long moment before rolling over onto the table, dimly aware of Clark straining to draw air into his lungs while he continued to gasp for breath himself. When his limbs finally cooperated, he quietly reached over and snapped the box closed, snuffing out the meteors’ green glow.

Clark drew several gulping breaths as his sickly pallor quickly recovered its natural flush. Hazel eyes bore into Lex as he slowly unfastened the now pointless shackles binding Clark’s wrists to the corners of the table.

A sickening jumble of emotions strangled Lex as he felt long limbs enveloping him, pulling him down again.

“Thank you, Lex.”

Lex choked out a ragged laugh, “Don’t ever ask me to do that again.”

Clark smiled slyly, and murmured into the hollow behind his ear, “Yeah, right, Lex. I know you loved it.”


Clark pondered that all encompassing sentiment for a long moment before breaking the comfortable silence.

“So you wanna go upstairs? This table kind of sucks. Don’t they make padded lab tables for evil geniuses of the truly perverse?” He teased a very wet tongue into his lover’s ear.

“A custom job would have taken considerably longer. Next time you demand extravagant sex props give a guy some notice. And get your tongue out of my ear; I’m no longer in the mood, Clark.”

They lay quietly in the warmth of their tangled embrace, exhaustion and contentment fighting a silent battle with the desire to be already cocooned in Lex’s beckoning bed.



“You know I will never betray you, don’t you? And that you’re right to hide your secrets, even when you were hiding them from me?”

“I know, Lex, but I lied to you every day – every time I called myself your friend it was like a lie. I just…needed this.” Clark leaned back, allowing Lex room to turn and press a tender kiss to his lips, then tucked his head into the fragrant crook of Lex’s neck.

Lex curled his arms around Clark and held him tight. “I just don’t want you having those nightmares anymore. This… do you really think this will help?”

“Um… you know, Lex, I never actually said they were nightmares,” Clark mumbled against his skin. “I said you found out about me and kidnapped me for experiments. I can see why you’d think that, though.” He sucked lightly on the pulse point throbbing on Lex’s neck before continuing. “I guess I should have explained better, but I thought my raging hard-on kind of gave me away.”

“Jesus, Clark – wet dreams?” Surprise registered at Clark’s reluctant admission. “You are far too young to have such serious kinks.”

“I know. You’re a very lucky man, Lex.” His hot breath drew a shiver as he whispered in Lex’s ear, “I’m lucky, too.”

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